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Childless, But At Peace

I had my first day of menstrual period on the last day of last year’s prayer and fasting.

I had my first day of menstrual period on the first day of this year’s prayer and fasting.

Both times, I prayed to have a child, to be pregnant. I was one day pregnant on both occasions mentioned above, so both times my prayer was answered.

I consider my first day of menstrual period as my first day of pregnancy not for the sake of having a positive outlook on life, but to see things in a perspective that will honor God. If I grumble every time my period arrives, will that honor Him? I guess not, but choosing to acknowledge those moments as a blessing definitely will.

Part of my everyday prayer is for God to cover me with peace which transcends all human understanding. That kind of prayer is essential for me because whenever God answers my prayers in a different kind of way, I still feel contented.

One of the worst feelings I ever felt was of discontent. I don’t want to feel that ever again. It’s like a sickness that no human doctor can cure, only God. He knows that to be at peace with everything that comes our way is the best cure for a sick, discontented heart.

I may often share how much I pray for me to bear a child, but let me say this: if God’s will for me is to remain childless, I’m at peace.