choose simple



I feel the pull to build a social media following once in a while. A hundred likes. A thousand shares. A million followers. Oh, the high that it would surely give me.

Whenever I found myself diverting from the simple choices I made, slowly diving into making my life complicated (e.g. see above), I read what I wrote and pull myself to the opposite direction. No likes. No shares. No followers. Oh, the high that it gives me.

I realized that as much as this blog’s content is for anyone who may stumble upon and find value in it, this blog is more for myself—a reminder to halt before doing something I might regret.

A blog may be an online presence, but I made a choice to protect myself from being deluded that my worth can be measured by how many people see value in me by drawing the line. That’s why the decision of blogging anonymously was a no-brainer for me.

The decision stemmed from various reasons, but being inspired by some people are a part of it. I have always been fascinated particularly by these two:

Whenever I learn about people like them (anonymous bloggers included), I am quietly cheering them on. I bask in the mystery those people offered. In this modern times when building a following seems to be the most logical thing to do, I feel an inexplicable joy of not knowing everything about them.

Ah, the joy of missing out.