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How I Started A Blog In 4 Simple Steps


There were a lot of adjustments when I started being a housewife. One of which was revolving around the question, “What should I do with all the time I have?” In all honesty, I did a mediocre job the first few months as a housewife. I was a consumer more than anything else. I killed time. Killed it. Until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Wasting time was too complicated for my liking. I knew I needed to choose a simple alternative of how I waste spend my time. That’s when was born. And if only I knew that starting a blog was so simple, I could’ve done this since day one of my new career.

Below are the steps I made in starting this blog:

Step 1: Decided what my Domain Name would be. I chose because my intention is to share the choices I made in living a simple life.

Step 2: Chose a Web Hosting Service. I chose bluehost because of its simplicity and affordability.

Step 2 a. Clicked the green “get started now” button.

Step 2 b. Selected my plan. I chose the basic plan.

Step 2 c. Entered the domain name that I registered with in the “i have domain name” field.

Step 2 d. Filled up the required fields. I signed up with Domain Privacy Protection.

Step 2 e. Filled up the payment information. I used a credit card that puts money to my pocket.

Step 2 f. Created a bluehost password.

Step 3: Picked a Theme then customised it. I couldn’t be any happier that the theme I fell in love with was free. Thank you, Mr. Leo Babauta!

Step 4: Wrote my first Post then hit publish. My first post is about the assurance I have that I will go to heaven when I die.

That’s it. Simple, yes?