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Citi PremierMiles Card: Best Everyday Credit Card

I shared before that I would recommend Citi PremierMiles Card to anyone who wants an Air Miles credit card. Scratch that. I highly recommend Citi PremierMiles card to anyone who wants to get the best value of the money they spent using a credit card. For every Php30.00 spent using Citi PremierMiles Card, you will earn a 1 PremierMile (i.e. 1 point) that can be converted to 1 Air Mile.

I’ll save you the trouble by saying this: those credit card companies who claim that you can exchange points for as low as Php25.00, what they mean is that for every php25.00 you earn 1 point, not air mile. And to exchange those earned points to air miles, they require a certain number of points. For instance, one credit card company has a minimum redemption of 1,000 Mabuhay Miles in exchange of 8,000 points.

Let’s do the math, shall we?

8,000 points / 1,000 Mabuhay Miles = 8

That means you need 8 points for every 1 Mabuhay Mile.

8 points for every 1 Mabuhay Mile x Php25.00 spent = Php200.00

Since their conversion is 1 point for every Php25.00 spent, that means you need to spend Php200.00 in exchange for 1 Mabuhay Mile. Uh, no thank you.

And if you say, “I’d rather have a cash back credit card as my everyday credit card since I’m not that into travelling.” I’m not either, but this computation led me to reconsider.

As I said before, I would recommend UnionBank Platinum MasterCard for a no-fuss cash back credit card since the card will let you earn 1.5% cash back on all purchases, every day, no CAPs. So let’s use this as our basis for the comparison.

To earn free roundtrip airfare for Manila – Los Angeles, you need 64,000 Mabuhay Miles (32,000 one-way).

Using Citi PremierMiles, that means you need to spend Php1,920,000.00 (64,000 x 30) to earn free roundtrip airfare for Manila – Los Angeles.

Upon searching for a roundtrip airfare for Manila – Los Angeles in Philippine Airlines, I found a USD1,054.63 roundtrip airfare.

Let’s compute the possible savings.

USD1,054.63 roundtrip airfare x 52.17 = Php55,020.05 (Citi PremierMiles Card)

Using UnionBank Platinum MasterCard, spending Php1,920,000.00 will give you Php28,800.00 savings.

Php1,920,000.00 spend x 1.5% = Php28,800.00 (UnionBank Platinum MasterCard)

See the huge difference?

Let’s look at other roundtrip airfare:

Manila – Seoul = 29,000 Mabuhay Miles

29,000 Mabuhay Miles x 30 = Php870,000.00 spend

USD393.50 roundtrip airfare x 52.17 = Php20,528.90 (Citi PremierMiles Card)

Php870,000.00 spend x 1.5% = Php13,050.00 (UnionBank Platinum MasterCard)

If you are considering another credit card, I urge you do the math before you jump in. For me, I consider Citi PremierMiles as the best everyday credit card for the main reason that it gives me the most value for the money I spent using it.