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How I Keep The House Look Clean


One of my goals in housekeeping is to keep the house look clean all the time because I don’t want to be caught off-guard when someone decides to visit. (Also, there are times that my husband comes home earlier than usual. I don’t want to welcome him with a messy, dirty looking house!) However, I don’t do thorough cleaning everyday.

How do I achieve my goal if that’s the case?

I declutter.

I learned that no amount of cleaning technique will do the trick to keep a house look clean if it is full of clutter. Good thing for me is that I developed a strong love affair with decluttering; it is in my nature to clear the clutter incessantly. When I see a clutter around the house, I put that clutter back to its home. If it doesn’t have a home yet, I give it one. Another way to put it: I tackle the clutter, asap.



After using the condiments, I put them back inside a cabinet (their home).

Electric Bill

Upon receiving the bill, I pay it via my credit card‘s online banking. Once paid, I file it.

Travel Bag

The first thing I do when getting home from travelling is this: I remove every item that is inside the bag then put the bag inside the cabinet (ready for next use) and put every item from the bag in their home (wherever that is).