choose simple

Do Nothing


I’m not a great swimmer. In fact, I almost never swim even when I am at a beach. I feel hassled by all the changing of clothes, applying of SPF, eating while shivering, trying to swim…

But my husband is the total opposite. He’s an adventurer. He climbs mountains, he runs marathons, he bikes, he joined a triathlon, he scuba dives, he swims…

The last time we went to a beach, I decided to join him. The waves are strong at that moment and we enjoyed playing with it—diving to avoid being thrown off balance or standing trying to be thrown off balance. It was fun.

There’s another part that I enjoyed while I was there. Floating.

I wasn’t good at it at first. I was stiff. I struggled. But when I decided to do nothing, that’s when the magic happened.

With the constant nagging of the society, may it be consciously or otherwise, that we do to feel that we are more, we get stressed easily. It seems that nothing can satisfy us. We always want to do more.

I decided to do differently.

At times I felt pressured to do more, I float.

I do nothing.