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The Cost Of My Financial Independence Is Less Than A Million


If you read about Whatever Money, you would think that one should have at least a million before you could say that you acheived financial independence.

I beg to disagree.

I only had less than a million with my brokerage account when I grabbed the opportunity to say, “Whatever, I have money.”

To be exact, I only had a quarter of a million.

Yup, Php250,000.00.

Does this mean that my current annual expenses is only Php10,000.00?

Nope. Of course I have an industrious husband (IH) who provides for our needs. But that’s besides the point. I know how to live below my means and I’m confident that with or without IH, I can live with my Whatever Money for the mean time that I don’t have work.

Case In Point

If I wasn’t married and the opportunity for me to say, “Whatever, I have money,” came, I would grab it. I would not stay as unemployed though.

I would have started a business with small capital for me to have another source of income aside from the dividends I received from my stock market investments.

I would have started this blog earlier since I only pay about Php500.00/month (small capital, check) for the domain and hosting.

I would develop an online course that would help others to achieve their target Whatever Money (now that’s an idea).*

I would.

The whole point is that one’s financial independence doesn’t have to be dependent to a certain amount of money (e.g. a million). And no one should be intimidated with other’s stories of how they became financially independent upon reaching a certain amount of millions. Everyone can be financially independent. Start from defining what financial independence means for you and go from there.

What Financial Independence Means For Me

I can choose not to work ever again.

I can choose to resign from my current high-paying-stressful job and find a low-paying-but-meaningful job.

I can choose to stay.

I can choose to go.

I can choose to say, “Whatever, I have money,” whenever the opportunity arise.

I can choose anything because whatever, that’s my money.


*Update: I made a guide how to achieve your target Whatever Money. You may read it here.