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Goal: Free Flights

Saving unused coins is only one way of how we add to our travel fund.

Another way is through redeeming air miles that we can exchange for free flights.

How do we do this?

First, we use credit card to pay most of our expenses.

With our credit card, every Php150.00 spent is equivalent to 1 air mile that can be redeemed for Mabuhay Miles.

Upon reaching 9,000 points (which is equivalent to 1,500 Mabuhay Miles) we fill out the Rewards Redemption Form. Crediting of redeemed Mabuhay Miles takes up to 2 weeks.

Second, we use Globe rewards to redeem air miles.

With Globe, every Php150.00 is equivalent to 1 BIG Point that can be redeemed for AirAsia flights.

Upon reaching 100 Globe reward points, which is equivalent to 300 BIG Points, we send REDEEM BIG300 9999990001234567 (16-digit BIG Member ID) to 4438. Crediting of redeemed points takes up to 14 days.

Those two are simple ways to add to our travel fund. It may take us a while to reach our goal, but for free flights? No one’s complaining.