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I’m A Google Search Addict


I typed “how to overcome google search addiction” in Google search. If that didn’t give you the idea that I developed a(n) habit addiction to Google search, I don’t know what will.

I know that any kind of addiction is not healthy, so here’s what I plan to do in tackling this addiction head-on:

1. Put my addiction to good use.

This is what I’m doing the past five months. I started a blog and in doing so, I get to feed my addiction not in a harmful kind of way, but in a positive way. I Google search ideas that inspires me then I write about them.

2. Read 17-A and 17-Q.

Since I have the justification that it’s okay to Google search because of my blog, I sometimes cross the line—I Google search every idea that comes to mind! Reading blogs aimlessly won’t do me a favor in tackling my addiction, so I now commit to read them intentionally and focus my reading on 17-A and 17-Q. What are they? They are SEC forms representing Annual Report and Quarterly Report respectively. I know that reading them are essential in a sound investing decision, but I usually forgo doing so in favor of reading blogs.

3. Be more mindful.

Being a good steward has always been my goal. To achieve that goal, I have to be more mindful with how I manage the resources God gave me. He has given me 24 hours a day; if I want to hear my Father say, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” I have to spend those precious hours wisely.

Google search has been helpful to many, myself included, but I refuse to be devoured by it. I commit to use it in ways that will honor God, not disgrace Him.

Father, I offer my 24 hours to you. Please give me the grace to use it in ways that will honor You. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.