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A Housewife Without Kids


I prayed hard for this “career to happen. I never prayed to become a millionaire. I never prayed to be promoted when I was still an employee. What I prayed for was that I would be promoted from being an employee to a housewife, and I felt like a millionaire when that prayer was answered.

I know what many women nowadays think—women should be empowered, which I agree one hundred percent because being a housewife empowers me. One hundred percent.

So why no kids? We wanted a baby since day one, but as my father-in-law said, “God’s appointed time is perfect. He is never advanced. He is never late.” And if it’s not God’s appointed time yet for us to have a baby, we are still beyond grateful.

When I started this journey, I was searching for women who are in the same situation. That’s when I stumbled upon Blair Lamb’s blog post. She’s also a housewife without kids (HWK). Her life resonated with me because other than she’s a HWK, we both love to write. But it took me a while to jump in the blogging bandwagon. Now that I’m here, I want to share some things for the possible HWK who might be doing the same searching as I did.

Hi fellow HWK!

First, say this with me:

I am enough.

Say that again.

I am enough.

Deep breath.


Secret’s out: no housewife is perfect. So, you don’t have to strive to be one. Your quirks are enough. Your routine is enough. What you define as enough is enough.


Now, let me share you my routine.

I don’t have one.

I am not like other housewives out there who has a schedule on what the rest of their week would be. No meal plans. No cleaning plans (definitely no cleaning plans!) like “Laundry Monday” or “Bathroom Tuesday”. No nothing.


I beg to disagree.

HWK is fun when you know how to make it fun.

So how do I make it fun?

I go with the flow.

I get sick? I rest.

I want to binge-watch? I do that.

I want to sleep? I sleep.

Without feeling guilty.

As long as I serve my spouse’s interest beforehand then I can do those. I clean. I tidy (love love tidying!). I cook. I make myself presentable before my husband goes home. I don’t nag. I let him have his me-time after dinner.

The last two are huge.

When our husbands come home from work, they are most likely tired. They may have encountered problems. Their day most probably was stressful enough as it was.

The last thing a tired husband needs is a nagging, clingy wife.

You can spend quality time with your husband, but give him time. How? While doing the dishes, let him de-stress after a hard day’s work. He might like to watch TV or browse the Internet. Let him.

You can do this, HWK.

May this Bible verse be your guide in this wonderful, beautiful, amazing journey.

While you’re at it, Joy Mendoza has a great post about being a Proverbs 31 woman. Highly recommended!