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How Was I Able To Build My Whatever Money


It’s safe to say that I had a humble income as it didn’t reach six figures (even if I worked for nearly a decade). But my humble income gave me the opportunity to build my Whatever Money.


I Live Below My Means

Every income appraisal, I made sure that my expenses didn’t keep up with it. That meant an additional income didn’t equate to additional expenses.

Every bonus, I made sure that a major percentage went to my stock brokerage account, not to my credit card bill.

Every time my colleagues were focusing on their YOLO moments because of their FOMO, I was investing, my heart full of JOMO.

My life was boring, you could say that.

But when the opportunity came, I was able to say “Whatever, I have money,” and left the corporate world. After all is said and done, I must say that I won’t trade my boring life to a life filled with “precious moments” only to find myself in a situation I can’t get out of because I don’t have Whatever Money.

And as I said before, I didn’t have a million when the opportunity came. All I had was a quarter of it.

As I reviewed my investment portfolio, I realized that my average investment a month was only  Php3,000.00 for 6 years. And see below how much income my investment generated for a 6-year time frame:

Php3,000.00 x 12 = Php36,000.00 Annual Investment

Php36,000.00 x 6 = Php216,000.00 Total Investment

Php250,000.00 – Php216,000.00 = Php34,000.00 Investment Income

That’s about Php5,600.00 or 15% annual earnings right there! Yup, that’s net of costs (i.e. trading fees and taxes).*

If I went with the crowd and take investing for granted, the opportunity cost would be 15% annually. What a shame would that have been.

So I speak to those who have a “humble income”. A 6-figure income is not the gun start to investing. Take a percentage of whatever amount you receive then invest it because when the opportunity passed, it might cost you 15%. Or more.


*The equity value of stock market investments vary daily, as the price per share of stocks does. This example is based at the time of computation.