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Yes To Hassle-Free Prepaid Sim Loading


Call me lazy, but I like automation.

I enrolled most of our bills with my credit card for automatic monthly payments. The others that can’t be enrolled (such as the electricity bill), I pay via online banking of my credit card. That way, I only have one due date to remember. I love how seamless the process is. And I love that I get points for being efficient.

But it’s a whole lot different story with my prepaid sim. I usually go to a physical store to buy load. No automation. No points earned. Nothing.

So the typical me searched for an alternative and I discovered various options for me to have a hassle-free prepaid sim loading experience.

Below are the step by step guide on how I load my Globe prepaid sim via three different mobile apps and their corresponding pros and cons:


  1. Click Buy Load
  2. Enter Mobile Number then click Next
  3. Enter Amount then review the Mobile Number and Amount before clicking Next
  4. You will receive an SMS confirming your transaction




  1. Click Pay/Reload
  2. Click Reload Phone
  3. Choose From Account
  4. Enter Mobile Number
  5. Select Amount
  6. Click Reload
  7. Confirm Reload Details then click Yes if the details are correct
  8. A confirmation saying Transaction Completed will appear with the Confirmation Number




  1. Click Load & eStore
  2. Click Load
  3. Enter Prepaid Phone Number
  4. Select Load Amount
  5. Click Top Up Now
  6. Input Payment Details
  7. Click Place Order Now
  8. A confirmation with your Order Number will appear



Those steps might not mean automation but at least I won’t go to a physical store. And after reviewing what I just laid here, I believe I will stick with Lazada for now.