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Bliss Of Saying No


A well-meaning friend told me that there are job openings in her company, and that she would be glad to help me find a job. I said no.

A dear relative offered me to start a business that she and her business partners believe would help others. I said no.

A bank employee offered me a credit card. I said no.

A credit card company employee offered me a personal loan. I said no.

An advertisement disguised as a blog post offered me (insert products here). I said no.

An advertisement disguised as an informative YouTube video offered meĀ (insert products here). I said no.

Someone convinced me that activities for adrenaline junkies are worth trying. I said no.

Everywhere I look, online or offline, I see people offering me to have this, do that, try this, be that…

Well, I said no every time. I had to.

And it feels great.

Ah, the bliss of saying no.