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A Time Well Spent


My sister told me a story about how our nephew said to her that she doesn’t have love for him, but that I do.

He’s a toddler, so how can he possibly say that?

My sister has a weekday job. Her workplace is an hour and 30 minutes away (that’s the minimum travel time). On weekends she spends time with her husband and in their church. She rarely visits our nephew and niece, not because of choice, but because with the time constraints, it simply won’t be possible.

One Saturday, she visited them and was there for less than three hours. Our nephew was disappointed, so he told her, “You don’t have love for me.”

It was a funny story because at a tender age he thinks that way, but heartbreaking as well for the same reason.

Knowing the story reminds me that the times I spent (and will spend) with them are invaluable to them because time spent with family is a time well spent.