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Living Without


Someone posted a viral video and we’re scrambling to add to its 24 million views.

Someone posted the latest trend in fashion and we’re scrambling to buy it in hopes of keeping up.

Someone posted about the 10 countries every backpacker should visit and we’re scrambling to be backpackers ourselves.

Before we saw those posts, we’re doing just fine. After seeing it? We are hyped. We feel that we should do to feel that we are more.

One thing I realized? I can live without and still feel that I am more.

Here are some of the things I’m currently living without:


My bag felt too heavy one day and decided to leave some things behind. One of those things is my wallet. I decided to put my money and cards (1 ID, 1 ATM, and 1 Credit Card) in the small pocket inside my bag. The result is exceptional. I realized that I didn’t need a wallet as long as the bag I’m using is one with a pocket.


I didn’t see the need to use earrings so I thought, why bother? That was the case before getting married. Few days after the wedding, my husband bought me pearl earrings (not expensive because he knows I’m not into earrings). Despite the fact that I’m not into those, I didn’t hesitate to wear his gift to show appreciation. After more than a year of wearing the earrings my husband gave me, I noticed that my lobules where I put the earrings have wounds. I relayed the situation to my husband and he told me to stop using the earrings. I happily obliged.

Social Media.

Quitting social media is one of the best decisions I made. The positive impact of living without it is a big sign that for me, there’s no going back.


Although I use a credit card, I hardly consider the payments through it as debts. Why? Every after use, I pay for it. My goal in using a credit card is to accumulate points, not debts.